Attachment is a completely normal thing to experience. It is the very thing that causes us suffering; it is basically what makes us human. We attach to our friends, our hometown, our school and our stuff. We attach to these…

The Triple Gem

Good Morning All :) 

Last night we met, meditated, and discussed Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem. 

Some of us may be familiar with an induction before meditation where we join palms and... 
'take refuge in the Buddha…

The Experience of Dukkha (Suffering)

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On Wednesday 1/27/16 we had a large circle and discussed the nature of our suffering following a short meditation. Here are a few things I picked up, as always, please comment or create an additional post if I…

The Importance of Intention

Notes from Weekly Meditation and Discussion - 1/20/16
Good Afternoon smile emoticon 

I'd like to briefly recapitulate DBT's discussion last night, 
As always leave a comment if you'd like to add something important that I might have missed! 



No Strings Attached: The Buddha's Culture of Generosity 

No Strings Attached:The Buddha's Culture of Generosity by Thanissaro Bhikkhu © 2009 

“How can I ever repay you for your teaching?” 

Good meditation teachers often hear this question from their students, and the best answer I know for…