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A New Year


I open my eyes to a room of new and old faces. A room full of silent, reflecting college students continuing the amazing and unique journey that Delta Beta Tau has to offer. I also see a room…

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The Sangha

In Buddhism we are asked to take refuge in the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. This Wednesday we discussed what Sangha ment to us. 

Sangha roughly translated means community. We discussed the many different communities…

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In the practice of Diligence, we explored the relationship between passion and diligence. Can you have one without the other? Can they go hand in hand? How do we maintain diligence with tasks we aren’t passionate about? Does too much…

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Positive Perspectives

Morals. We all have them, we all have reasons for them, but they are all completely different. Morals are created through so many varying factors and experiences, that they're distinctly subjective to each person. So how do we speak about…

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Bring A Third Sandwich

When people think of generosity today, they often relate it to money. When someone donates money to charity or always gives their change to the homeless guy outside the store, we label them as a “generous” person. Which is never…

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Patience: Accepting the Present Moment

How are we supposed to foster a society who is patient in a world full of instant gratification? 
Our social media feeds are packed with people posting their new awesome job, their expensive exotic vacation or their glamorous new car…

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Right Effort

“Right effort is the art of balancing energies.” 
What exactly is effort? What should we be putting effort towards? What energies should we pursue? Where do we lack right effort? How does this affect others? 
Effort is the concept of…

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Looking Back

Sometimes it’s really hard to decipher how you’re feeling in a moment when it’s right in front of you. The energy is there, the potential is building, but you can’t put your finger on what exactly is happening. I think…

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Attachment is a completely normal thing to experience. It is the very thing that causes us suffering; it is basically what makes us human. We attach to our friends, our hometown, our school and our stuff. We attach to these…

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