Gratitude For Our Graduates

Delta Beta Tau waved farewell to many beloved members as they graduated from SDSU this past May. From pledge educators, to executive board members, to simply just brothers & sisters of our community, each one of these graduates left a mark on this organization. DBT started about 4 years ago, and since then, there has been an immense amount of growth that it has undergone, all thanks to our graduates.

Each year, our pledge classes get bigger and bigger. Our pledge educators are the guides for the class, leading them and instilling the values and beliefs of DBT. Every semester, the pledge process blossoms into a more intimate experience, even with the increasing numbers. This was made possible by the hard work of the pledge educators to make the experience feel more personal. 

The executive board has been the core of the organization. When it comes to sustaining the heart of DBT, the exec team keeps the sangha together by organizing our meetings and planning events, all while making the changes that allow DBT to be more rewarding and beneficial for all members. The behind the scenes work of our chapter does not go unnoticed- each role of the board has been vital, and crafted into something bigger as years pass by. 

Our alumni advisors are here to help the active chapter & the executive board. Acting as the pillars of DBT, our advisors keep us grounded and remind us of the foundation of DBT. Several of our current advisors were apart of the very first pledge class, and now with our new graduates, there may be more guides for our chapter, and for the new pledge classes to come. 

These graduates have taken on huge work loads, balancing their education and their efforts into this organization weekly. The hard work and love that they have given us has made an impact on our lives, and on our fraternity. They’ve fully embodied the meaning of “For The Benefit of Others” and crafted it to their own liking. 

There is still so much growth that we see for this organization, and we are looking forward to what the future holds. Graduates— thank you for everything you have given us. We are excited to see the rest of your journeys.

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