Attachment is a completely normal thing to experience. It is the very thing that causes us suffering; it is basically what makes us human. We attach to our friends, our hometown, our school and our stuff. We attach to these things because we think they define who we are. Now the challenge we face is overcoming that attachment in order to escape suffering. 
In reality, we know this is a near impossible journey. Our goal then is to not completely get rid of suffering, but lessen the burden. Meditation is our way of learning how to deal with this problem and diminish the dependence on the stories we tell ourselves. 
Our discussion tonight focused on the relationship of attachment and the certain ways it forces us to struggle. One voice stated that attachment to the past has the dangerous consequence of holding us back from becoming who we could be. We found that labels play a huge role in this area. We try to define who we are every day by attaching to certain nouns and adjectives that we think describe us. We cradle and nurture these labels thinking they will give us purpose or an identity. But why is this a bad thing? Another voice chimed in to bless us with the point that by hanging on to these ideas, we close ourselves off from anything new. Having less attachment results in more love for every person and place in this world. Being able to explore everything with an open mind is a much more beneficial and enjoyable way to live life. 
In conclusion, we can relate this to the old quote that the light exists at the end of the tunnel. If we’re constantly focused on achieving that certain thing or label, we never will appreciate the present. Maybe we need to realize that the light already exists in the tunnel. How else would we have been able to see the way out this whole time? 
Thank you everyone for your time and wisdom tonight. May all beings be at peace and may all beings be free from suffering. 

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