Looking Back

Sometimes it’s really hard to decipher how you’re feeling in a moment when it’s right in front of you. The energy is there, the potential is building, but you can’t put your finger on what exactly is happening. I think these crucial moments are the world’s way of pushing you forward. The energy triggers your instincts as it warns you that something big is coming. 
Last Saturday, the pledges spent a morning at the San Diego Zen Center. It was the first retreat I was able to attend as an official pledge of Delta Beta Tau, but I hadn’t really digested what that meant yet. The morning went very well and as I was excitedly recounting the events of the day, I realized what I was saying. This group of college students woke up at 7am on a Saturday to tidy a house and sit with our minds for multiple hours together just because we wanted to. To say clarity hit me like a ton of bricks would be an understatement. I realized this pledge class made of beautiful, dedicated people is real. This organization with outstanding and completely unique individuals is real. Delta Beta Tau is completely real. 
To look back at my first time in Buddha For You, my first time speaking to Jeff or my first time agreeing to start this organization is incredible. I was never someone to take the spotlight or dive head first into unknown waters. But for some reason, something in my mind told me to do it this time. While hiding out in that little classroom on the fourth floor of the library, my mind and body began to experience things I never felt before. I left each meeting buzzing. Buzzing with excitement, buzzing with knowledge and buzzing with anticipation for what will be next. 
It took this past weekend to realize that everything has come full circle. This energy has been transferred and instilled in every single person who has come to our meetings. I cannot stress how grateful I am for everyone’s input, wisdom and just plain attendance. Without you, none of this would be possible. You all helped turn a group of twelve curious souls looking for something more into thirty active members of a legitimate organization who actively spread good for others. That transformation is enough to put a smile on my face every single day. 
Thank you for feeling this energy with me. 


  • Kelly Thiemthath
    Kelly Thiemthath San Jose,ca
    Thank you for sharing the kind words Sarah.

    Thank you for sharing the kind words Sarah.

  • Delta Beta Tau
    Delta Beta Tau
    Thank you Kelly! Means a lot :)

    Thank you Kelly! Means a lot smile

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