When I think back to the first interview I had with Claire Trageser, I'm absolutely blown away. Seated in the back of Buddha For You, I pondered hard about what a college Buddhist based organization would look like, and I honestly didn't have a clue. She asked me about mixers and social events and I answered as best as I could, but I was truly at a loss. Excitement and nervousness started to fill my head simultaneously. Did students my age feel the same way I did about these topics? Did meditation resonate the same way with anyone else? Now I realize these questions are silly, because there was really no way to predict what we have become. I now know that it was a blessing we didn't know what to expect. This uncertainty allowed for freedom; freedom from rules, freedom from tradition and most importantly, freedom from expectations.

We were given this opportunity to pave a completely new and unique path for college students to choose. It's a path full of love, mindfulness and compassion that I was so desperately missing in my life. It's actually comical to look back at my initial worries. Jeff reminded me that these things happen best when they are organic and natural. He seemed so sure and confident that I had no choice but to believe him. Sure enough five people turned into ten people and ten people eventually turned into thirty, right before our eyes. The most amazing part is that I've witnessed social fraternities/sororities struggle to gain new members and grow their presence on campus, but in just one and a half years from it's inception Delta Beta Tau is 30 initiated members strong. The most recent initiation ceremony was magical. We had fits of laughter and tears of love flowing from the back room of that little Buddha shop. It is a night that will forever be a shining beacon of hope in my memory. 

My dream is to pass this feeling on to anyone that will have it. When I learned we would be expanding to UCSD, this dream became a reality. Just another milestone we have reached at an amazing rate while everyone continuously manages to blow me away. The dedication behind this group is incredible. My wish for the new year is to maintain the speed of the ball we've been rolling. Momentum is key, we can do this🙏 (1st article) (2nd article)


- Sarah xx


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