Today I went for a walk - Leah Starr

Today I went for a walk. 

But it wasn’t just any walk, 

It was one that made my soul talk. 

From deep within my earthly being, 

I felt more than just what my eyes were seeing. 

On this walk, I opened my heart, 

To the beautiful sights of Mother Nature's art. 

I have never felt her calling so strong, 

As I listened to the birds chirp their love song. 

The warmth of the sun on my skin, 

Reminding me to take everything in. 

As I gazed upon the rolling green hills, 

My spirit awakened with chills. 

I saw shapes of elephants and lions among the puffy white clouds, 

As I daydreamed of lying up there where it wasn’t so loud. 

I inhaled the fresh air and filed my chest with her scents, 

Noticing every detail as I went. 

A bright orange pocket of poppies sprouted, 

There was room to grow since it wasn’t so crowded. 

The lone country road that normally overflowed, 

Now nearly empty with no luggage to load. 

A place once so busy and full of words, 

Now so quiet, the trees could be heard. 

I crossed the tiny creek, 

Listening as I heard her speak. 

I smiled as I watched my dog run, happy and free, 

Knowing that I have finally taken the time to stop and see. 

Although humans may feel stuck and alone, 

Mother Nature will always be our home.  


By: Leah Starr

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