"Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever." - Karen Davison

If you love animals and have one hour in your week to give to them, consider joining us as we volunteer at the El Cajon Animal Shelter! The Shelter is in need of animal lovers to walk dogs for one or two hours, between 3 and 5pm, any day of the week. The Shelter is a 15 minute drive away, or you can take the Green Trolley from SDSU. Just one hour volunteering is an hour a dog will be able to get outside, play, and exercise. We are so excited to be giving back to the community as well as helping these animals find homes! Please click here to view and print the application. Please contact us for more information about our animal outreach events.


El Cajon Animal Shelter 

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came to the El Cajon Animal Shelter yesterday Hannah Starkey Kestley Alyssa Burkitt Dani Parsons Maddy McCarthy. We're going to be volunteering by walking, playing, and socializing the dogs one day a week for two hours. Yesterday we got to meet the staff at the shelter and meet some of the animals! Big thanks again for those of you who could make it 😊 And if you couldn't make it this week, feel free to contact Margaret or I about volunteering in future!