Delta Beta Tau is a co-ed service fraternity founded on the Buddhist principles of generosity, morality, patience, diligence, meditation and wisdom. Our members are not necessarily Buddhist and it is not our intention for them to become Buddhist. It is our deepest wish to share the practice of wisdom and compassion with all college students.

Our intention is to foster an accepting and tolerant space where students from all races, genders, sexual orientations, religions and abilities come together to build friendships and learn how to practice Buddhism in their daily life.

Our objective is to introduce and strengthen student knowledge and understanding of meditation and Buddhist teachings through guest speakers, informal discussions, retreats and community service. We will focus on volunteer work in an effort to bring compassion and peace through service to the community.

We are honored and humbled to have built our first chapter at San Diego State University in 2015!



Delta Beta Tau's Pledge Program is founded on the six principles of generosity, morality, patience, diligence, meditation & wisdom. These principles when carried out in life provide the foundation for peace and happiness within your mind and heart. Over the course of ten weeks you'll explore the six perfections, listen to guest speakers, participate in meditation retreats and practice generosity via community service work. - CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

If you are a current member of Social Fraternity or Sorority at SDSU, you are still welcome to join Delta Beta Tau!





Free Weekly Meditation

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Hillel of San Diego at SDSU, 5717 Lindo Paseo, San Diego

Delta Beta Tau Co-Ed Fraternity meets every Wednesday at 8:30pm at Hillel of San Diego at SDSU. We will start with a meditation followed by a discussion.

This group is open to all Students, even those already in a fraternity/sorority. Love to see you there, bring a friend or show up alone and make a friend!

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